tortoise houseThe wood tortoise house is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and is perfect for pretty much any size of tortoise [unless you have a giant one!]. You can also expand it by buying another which gives even more room for your existing tortoise or another tortoise if you feel he or she is getting a little lonely.


The size

It is 36” long and 12” wide and houses only one box turtle. It’s more short compared to most structures of the recommended size which are 16-20” tall. The aim of making a tall turtle structure is usually to protect the pet from jumping out of an open structure. Zoo med wood tortoise house has a lockable lid on top to prevent the turtle from escaping.

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Ease of use

The assembly of the structure takes about ten minutes although incase you face some difficulties it may take up to an hour. All you will need to do is to insert the screws and then use a screw driver to tighten them. The screws are of three sizes but the guide provides you information on how to go about the process. If the need of re-drilling some of the holes or making some more arises, you may need some other tools. Read the rest of this entry

leopardgeckofoodLarge reptiles need large cages or other enclosures.  They will also need bedding, a water source, tunnel logs, rocks, trees, steps, plants, a ground cover of some sort for the bottom of their enclosure, and more food than a small pet.  The costs can add up before you realize it!  But once you have taken care of the initial investment, the big worry lies in being able to provide the proper amount and type of food and bedding.  Vet care should also be considered.  If you can’t afford to have the reptile treated, you may want to pass on adding it to your home.
If you’re interested in keeping a snake for a pet, you may want to consider the cost and accessibility of the food necessary for the reptile’s survival.  Do you have freezer room and a strong stomach for the little frozen mice and rats you’ll need to feed your pet?  Mice and rats can cost up to $1.50 each, with the average snake needing 4 a month.  Distilled drinking water costs from 58 cents to $1 per gallon and should last a month just for drinking.  Of course, if you have a large snake, you’ll need a large source of water for its bathing. Read the rest of this entry

PythonBasically, any reptile that is caught in the wild is discouraged for use as a pet.  It is cruel for a reptile to be removed from its natural environment, for it to be thrust into captivity against its will, just so someone can say they own it as a pet.  If you must have a reptile for a pet, buy one that was raised or born in captivity.
Compared to lizards and turtles/tortoises, snakes tend to be easier pets for kids to raise.  Just make sure your child is old enough to be properly educated in the handling of the reptile for the child’s safety and the reptile’s safety as well.  Because reptiles carry salmonella, it is essential that any person who handles the creature either wear gloves or wash their hands immediately after putting the reptile back into its housing. Read the rest of this entry

leopardgeckoThere is nothing wrong with wanting a reptile for a pet, provided of course you first arm yourself with knowledge.  Education is the key to being a responsible owner.  Of course, there are instances when you may not first get the chance.  Suppose your well-meaning relative decided it would be a good idea to give you an exotic pet for a gift, not thinking of the reptile’s welfare should you be unable to care for it or uneducated about its care.  But, of course there are always exceptions to the rule.
There are ways of choosing your pet when you do decide to obtain a reptile.  You can choose to buy a pet to fit the cage you are able to get, or you can buy a cage to fit the pet you want.  Either way you go, please make sure you take into account that the reptile will grow and must be able to fit into the enclosure as it gets bigger.  Please refrain from purchasing the reptile if you will be unsure about being able to afford a larger cage later on or if you won’t have the space.  There are plenty of other choices you can make that will fit into your budget. Read the rest of this entry

lizardReptiles can be intimidating. They can likewise be fantastic pets. The key is in the knowledge of the owner. A lot of reptiles are bought for pets for the incorrect reasons. Sometimes a reptile is bought out of spite towards another member of the family. In some cases a reptile is acquired as merely a show-piece to impress other people. Perhaps owning an unusual pet makes the person feel much more important somehow, more interesting, more dangerous. Yet many people just don’t know just what they’re getting involved in because they don’t research properly beforehand.

To begin with, you must know the laws in your state for owning an exotic pet. In Australia, for example, you need to have a license to keep a native reptile in captivity. You’ll have to know if you’re permitted to obtain a reptile from perhaps even your own yard. This is likewise considered the wild, as it is a natural environment. A reptile keeper or a pet shop be the only places to lawfully acquire a reptile to keep as a pet. Read the rest of this entry